Social Distancing Signs, Products, and Solutions

Social Distancing Signs, Products, and Solutions

Social Distancing Solutions from DuraLabel

Social Distancing is essential to #StopTheSpread of COVID-19, which is why our curated selection of signs, floor tape, and floor signs will help enforce social distancing at your workplace. It's unclear how long social distancing recommendations will last, so we have developed solutions to enforce social distancing for the long haul. Our research and development team has been hard at work identifying the visual communication needs assoicated with social distancing - from maintaining physical distance to requiring face coverings or masks. When it comes to implementing a social distancing program at your business, DuraLabel has you covered.

Signage & Labels for COVID-19 Management

DuraLabel signs and labels come in a variety of sizes - from 10"x7" to 20"x14" - and are available as adhesive labels, or more permanent options like plastic or aluminum. Alert your staff, customers, patients or workplace visitors about social distancing protocols with highly visible, highly durable and easily applied social distancing signs and labels.

Social Distancing Floor Signs

Our PathFinder™ floor signs will visually map the appropriate distance for staff, visitiors, customers or patients to maintain between one another. These floor signs and floor tapes are low-profile to prevent tripping hazards and they adhere to all indoor floor surfaces and some outdoor surfaces (check product specifications for details).  Social distancing floor signs are available in a number of designs and sizes making them a perfect option for marking checkout lines and other queues, directing customer traffic flows wthin retail environments, and visually demonstrating the 6ft./2m recommended distance to maintain to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing Floor Tape

Pathfinder floor tapes come in a variety of colors and widths. Our line of Social Distancing floor tapes come in pre-printed rolls of varying lengths with repeated social distance messages. Floor tapes are also available as 36" strips appropriate for marking standing locations. 100 foot rolls of pre-printed social distancing message work well to mark distances between floor signs in checkout, check-in, or waiting lines and help to double-down on enforcing social distancing at your business. They can also be used as social distancing reminders while marking aisles and other pathways.

We at DuraLabel are committed to keeping customers, employees, and partners safe during this uncertain time. Contact a representative at 888-326-9244 to discuss custom solutions.