RIGID™ Floor Marking Footprints (35 pack)

Help everyone safely navigate your facility using colorful footprint floor marking shapes. These footprints are made from our most durable floor marking material, PathFinder RIGID, for a reliable hold in heavy traffic environments. Use them for wayfinding in warehouses to help guide visitors and workers to safe pathways and away from hazardous areas.
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  • Forklift-safe: this durable tape is designed for use with forklifts and other heavy equipment.
  • Easy to install: easy-to-peel liners and quick curing adhesive make installation a snap.
  • Removes cleanly: the rubber-based adhesive removes easily and cleanly with minimal to no residue and resists damage from water and most chemicals.
  • 1-year warranty: warrantied against defects and failure for one year. See details here.
30 mil
Shelf Life
2 years
Application Temperature
Max Service Temperature
Min Service Temperature