Pipe Markers & Pipe Labels

Pipe Markers & Pipe Labels

Snap, Strap, Stick or Wrap your facility's pipes into compliance.

Simplify your pipe marking with innovative new DuraLabel FlowFinder® pipe marking solutions.

Snap: the new FlowFinder® Snap Coiled Pipe Markers into place. FlowFinder Snap products quickly attach to pipes via plastic memory. No adhesive or other fasteners are needed. Workers can quickly and easily uncoil and securely snap on small to medium-sized pipe marking.

Strap: these reusable and clearly identifiable pipe markers around even the most dirty, rough, wet or oily pipes – where pressure-sensitive pipe markers will not adhere. Utilize FlowFinder Strap Pipe Markers for pipe contents including oil and gasoline, steam, acid or other substances.

Stick: DuraLabel’s easy-to-apply pressure-sensitive adhesive pipe markers directly onto the pipe. The FlowFinder Stick Pipe Markers’ industrial strength adhesive ensures a string bond to a variety of surfaces. Simply peel and stick in place.  

Wrap: and clearly identify even your biggest, largest circumference high temperature pipes. Quickly and easily. Simply wrap the FlowFinder marker around the pipe and attach the tail section of the marker to the opposing end of the label. Quickly and easily. Any size, any condition pipe. Wrap, Peel, Adhere, Done.

DuraLabel FlowFinder® pipe marking solutions help you do the job right the first time. On any pipe. Any surface. And in any condition. Snap, Stick, Strap or Wrap. Done.

 IIAR Pipe Marking Labels | DuraLabel

Get an overview of the elements of an IIAR-compliant ammonia pipe label

DuraLabel innovative pipe markers devices, valve tags, and accessories to comply with OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.261 (a)(3)(ii), ANSI/ASME A13.1IIAR Bulletin 114 pipe marking guidelines,