LITE™ 5S Floor Marking Tape

This low-cost floor 5S floor marking tape is perfect for multipurpose safety marking in areas with light foot traffic. Use it to mark a variety of items and surfaces like floors, pipes, and equipment. This 5s floor tape is made of flexible material and is easy to install and remove, which makes it great for temporary marking and when you want to switch up the floor plan.
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  • All-purpose: mark a variety of items and areas to support facility safety.
  • Flexible: material conforms easily to a variety of surfaces, including uneven surfaces.
  • Rubberized adhesive: removes cleanly with little to no residue making it ideal for temporary marking.
  • Pigmented vinyl: resists damage from abrasion, water, and most chemicals for long-lasting color.
  • Self-wound roll: this 5s floor tape doesn’t have a liner so you can simply unroll and apply to install.
  • 1-year warranty: warrantied against defect and failure for one year. See details here.
Service Temperature Range
-14°F to 140°F
Shelf Life
1 year
Min Application Temperature