REFLECT™ High-Intensity Reflective Floor Tape

This is our brightest reflective tape to increase the visibility of items and important safety messages from far distances day or night. It’s perfect for outdoor messages like traffic signs and marking boundaries around machinery, pathways, and work areas.
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  • Highly reflective properties: material is made with reflective properties that meet ASTM D 4956 requirements for type I, III, IV and V including shrinkage, flexibility, liner removal, adhesion, impact resistance, specular gloss, and outdoor weathering.
  • Easy to install: simply peel and apply to install instantly.
  • 10-year outdoor lifespan: supply holds strong in a range of temperatures and conditions with an outdoor lifespan of 10 years.
  • 1-year warranty: warrantied against defects and failure for one year. See details here.