REFLECT™ Engineer-Grade Reflective Floor Marking Tape

Increase visibility of items and areas from long distances with cost-effective reflective tape. The reflective properties of this tape meet ASTM requirements. Ideal for marking forklifts, boundaries around equipment and machinery, and pathways.
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Increase visibility around machinery, pathways, and other important work areas. The reflective properties of this tape help to improve safety awareness with bright visuals that can be seen from greater distances.


  • High Visibility: reflective material increases visibility in any environment and is especially noticeable during the daytime.

  • Outdoor Durability: lasts 7+ years outdoors.

  • Easy to Install: simply peel and apply for quick and easy installation with no clean up or dry time necessary.

  • Lifetime Support: receive free support for the life of your product.

Service Temperature Range
-10°F to 150°F
Adhesive Thickness
1 mil
Min Application Temperature
Film Thickness
4.5 mil