DuraLabel Toro Max Solar Panel Kit


Elevate your safety standards with the Toro Max Solar Panel Marking Kit. Designed for durability and jobsite performance, this kit helps you craft solar-specific warning labels and safety signs with ease. Indicate disconnection points, shock hazards, current, voltage, arc flash, and comply with NEC article 690 for photovoltaic systems.

Benefits and Features

  • Portable Solution: The DuraLabel Toro Max Industrial Label Printer simplifies on-the-go labeling with its portable design. Whether on-site or in the field, tackle solar panel labeling with ease.
  • Free LabelForge Pro Software: LabelForge Pro software runs on the Toro Max and your computer. Create professional-grade labels quickly.
  • Tough-Tested Supplies: Our industrial-strength labels and supplies withstand the harshest conditions.

Upgrade your safety and compliance plan today with the Toro Max Solar Panel Marking Kit.

Save over $1,000 with this kit.

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Kit Includes

Qty. SKU Description
1 DLTOROMAX DuraLabel Toro Max Industrial Label Printer
1 T0203-7ON 2”x3” Warning Outdoor Die Cut Labels – 500 labels/roll
1 T0304-7ON 3”x4” Warning Outdoor Die Cut Labels – 250 labels/roll
1 T1-104 1"x70' Red Reflective Vinyl Tape
1 2-T1-3010 1"x280' Premium Red Vinyl Tape
1 2-T1-3009 1"x280' Premium Orange Vinyl Tape
1 T2-3010 2"x140' Premium Red Vinyl Tape
1 T2-3009 2"x140' Premium Orange Vinyl Tape
2 M431110 4"x361' Black Premium Ribbon
2 M431111 4"x361' White Premium Ribbon

Contents can be customized, please contact us to find out more.

Specification Size
13.5"(W) x 10.25"(D) x 8.5"(H)
12.5 lbs (5.67 kg)
Print technology
Thermal Transfer
300 DPI
Print Speed
Up to 3" per second
Print Width
0.5" - 4.0"
Maximum Print Length
Power, Printer Status, Supply Status, Battery Status
Power, Supply Feed, Keyboard Release, Screen Release, Battery Release
USB 2.0 (4x USB-A, 1X USB-B), Ethernet
9" Capacitive Touchscreen
4GB Flash, 1GB SDRAM
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC
LabelForge PRO (Arc Flash Module, label Editor Module, GHS Module, NFPA Module, Pipe Marking Module) & PDF Viewer
Battery type
Li-Ion (sold separately)
Operation Temperature
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Operation Humidity
30-85%, non-condensing
Ribbon Supply Capacity
361' (max. length)
5 years