DuraLabel Bronco Max Solar Panel Kit


Achieve superior safety and compliance on your jobsite with the DuraLabel Bronco Max Solar Panel Marking Kit. This essential kit provides everything you need to create robust, solar-specific labels and signs quickly. Mark disconnection points, shock hazards, current, voltage, and ensure NEC Article 690 for photovoltaic system compliance.

Benefits and Features

  • Affordable and Efficient: The DuraLabel Bronco Max Industrial Label Printer is a reliable solution for creating essential safety signs and warning labels.
  • Free LabelForge Pro Software: Included LabelForge Pro software allows seamless design and printing of labels from your PC, enabling efficient creation of industrial labels.
  • Industrial Strength Supplies: Use our tough-tested supplies to create labels that withstand harshest conditions.

Upgrade your jobsite safety plan today with the Bronco Max Solar Panel Marking Kit.

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Kit Includes

Qty. SKU Description
1 DLBRONCOMAX DuraLabel Bronco Max Industrial Label Printer
1 T0203-7ON 2”x3” Warning Outdoor Die Cut Labels – 500 labels/roll
1 T0304-7ON 3”x4” Warning Outdoor Die Cut Labels – 250 labels/roll
1 T1-104 1"x70' Red Reflective Vinyl Tape
1 2-T1-3010 1"x280' Premium Red Vinyl Tape
1 2-T1-3009 1"x280' Premium Orange Vinyl Tape
1 T2-3010 2"x140' Premium Red Vinyl Tape
1 T2-3009 2"x140' Premium Orange Vinyl Tape
2 M431110 4"x361' Black Premium Ribbon
2 M431111 4"x361' White Premium Ribbon

Contents can be customized, please contact us to find out more.

Specification Size
13.5"(w) x 10.25"(D) x 8.5"(H)
9.65 lbs (4.37 kg)
Print technology
Thermal Transfer
300 DPI
Print Speed
Up to 3" per second
Print Width
0.5" - 4.0"
Maximum Print Length
Power & Printer Status
Power & Supply Feed
USB-B & Ethernet
4GB Flash, 1GB SDRAM
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC
LabelForge PRO (Arc Flash Module, label Editor Module, GHS Module, NFPA Module, Pipe Marking Module) & PDF Viewer
Operation Temperature
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Operation Humidity
30-85%, non-condensing
Ribbon Supply Capacity
361' (max. length)
5 years