Boost sales by taking advantage of the valuable, proven services we offer you.

Content Syndication/Support

Take advantage of original content written by the experts at DuraLabel. Adding syndicated articles, blogs and other content to your website increases traffic and drives sales.

  • Drives repeat traffic to your website
  • Supports ongoing sales of DuraLabel supplies
  • Establishes credibility as a DuraLabel partner
  • Positions you as a trusted partner
  • Improves SEO for your site

SEO/PPC Management

DuraLabel has steadily increased traffic to its websites by applying specific search engine optimization practices and developing successful pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. We can provide dealers with a list of top lead-producing keywords. Additionally, we offer SEO/PPC management services.

E-Commerce Data

DuraLabel offers an online service from which you can retrieve up-to-date product and e-commerce data such as descriptions, technical specifications and pricing. This service allows your site to remain current without the need to pay a developer to manually update product pages. The service can be tailored to your technical requirements and design needs.

Press Releases

DuraLabel will supply all relevant press releases. Dealers may tailor them for specific markets and redistribution channels in an effort to generate greater public awareness and increased sales.

Boosts sales by taking advantage of the valuable, proven services we offer you.