TREAD™ Waterproof Anti-Slip Floor Tape

Provide safe traction in wet environments with nonabrasive waterproof tape. This nonabrasive material is safe for direct skin contact to use anywhere people gather. It's perfect for areas that get wet including maritime equipment, boats, step stools, and more.
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  • Waterproof design: the nonabrasive material is made to be waterproof for a wider variety of applications.
  • Durable: resists damage from water, chemicals, and steady foot traffic.
  • Easy to install: simply peel and apply for quick and easy installation.
  • 1-year warranty: warrantied against defects and failure for one year. See details here.
Service Temperature Range
-22°F to 158°F
Shelf Life
1 year
Min Application Temperature
60 aluminum oxide grit