Tamper-Evident "VOID" Tape

This supply is perfect for protecting sensitive label information. If someone tries to remove it, it will permanently show the word “VOID” on the label surface, and superficially on the surface it was removed from. It helps to prevent misidentification of items from the reuse of labels. Use it to make confidential seals, anti-counterfeit identification, and for marking assets in finance, transportation, manufacturing, and food processing industries.
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  • Special acrylic adhesive: strong adhesive provides an excellent grip on many surfaces like glass, metal, and painted metal.
  • Durable: resists damage from water, cleaning solution, most petroleum-based oils, grease, and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply stays intact in a range of temperatures indoors and out.
Outdoor Life
2 years
Shelf Life
1 year
Application Temperature
Max Service Temperature
Min Service Temperature