Repositionable Tape with ECR Ribbon

This supply combination is perfect when you need highly durable indoor and outdoor temporary labels. We’ve combined our repositionable label stock with our most abrasion-resistant ribbon for the ultimate durability and versatility to remove and reattach labels anywhere. Use it for temporary wayfinding, equipment instruction labels, and office area labeling.
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  • Strong adhesive: the durable adhesive provides a strong grip to many different surfaces.
  • High-quality resin ink: this extreme chemical resistant ribbon has excellent durability and print quality with a high resistance to abrasion and solvents.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply stays intact and legible in a range of temperatures and surfaces indoors and out.
  • Reliable: supply resists damage from chemicals, solvents, smudges, scratches and more.
4 mil
Outdoor Life
2 years
Shelf Life
1 year
Application Temperature
Max Service Temperature
Min Service Temperature