Premium Vinyl Tape Specialty Colors

Expand your output using specialty colored Premium Vinyl. This popular multipurpose supply is perfect for a variety of labeling tasks in any industry. Choose from exclusive colors for custom one-off labels or create a unique color-code.
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  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply holds strong in a range of temperatures and surfaces indoors and out.
  • Calendered vinyl and strong adhesive: durable material keeps labels intact and legible on a variety of surfaces and various environments.
  • Multipurpose: customize labels for a variety of uses like general facility safety signs, pipe markers, and 5S labels.
  • Durable: resists damage from UV light, moisture, and most chemicals.
  • 5-year warranty: guaranteed to be free of defects and failure within five years of purchase. Read more here.
3 mil
Outdoor Life
5 years
Shelf Life
1 year
Application Temperature
Max Service Temperature
Min Service Temperature