Materiel Condition Tags DD Form 1577 (Condemned)

These DD1577 red materiel condition tags are ideal for labeling equipment that's unserviceable (condemned). Fill in each field by hand or using your DuraLabel printer. They're made from extremely durable tag stock and include a perforated edge that tears off cleanly and effortlessly. These tags are compliant with DoD MIL-STD-129R and used by US military installations around the world.
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For instructions on how to print Military Condition Tags with your DuraLabel Toro, see our Toro Military Condition Tag Quick Start Guide.

Service Temperature Range
-70°F to 200°F (-56°C to 93°C)
7.5 mil
Outdoor Life
2 years
Max Service Temperature
200°F (93°C)
Min Service Temperature
-70°F (-56°C)
Min Application Temperature
40°F (4°C)
Tags Per Roll