LIQ VAP AMMONIA HIGH Pipe Marker - Yellow

Prevent the chances of deadly ammonia exposure and protect employees with five-partLiq Ammonia High Pipe Marker. Outfit your facility`s refrigeration system with Liq Ammonia High Pipe Marker, or HGD ammonia pipe markers to convey important information about pipe contents and associated hazards. These pressure-sensitive vinyl pipe labels exceed the ANSI A13.1 pipe marking standard that is the preferred presentation for pipes carrying toxic contents, such as ammonia. These labels also comply
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Operation Temperature
-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93.3°C)
Service Temperature Range
-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93.3°C)
3.0 mil
Outdoor Life
5 Years
Shelf Life
12 months
Application Temperature
40°F (4°C)
Text Color
Max Service Temperature
200°F (93.3°C)
Adhesive Thickness
1.0 mil
Min Service Temperature
-40°F (-40°C)
Background Color
Min Application Temperature
40°F (4°C)
Film Thickness
3.0 mil