DuraLabel Kodiak Supply

DuraLabel Kodiak Supply

Explore the comprehensive selection of label supplies available for the DuraLabel Kodiak Industrial Label Printer. Over 50 supplies crafted for both indoor and outdoor applications, rigorously tested to endure UV light, moisture, abrasion, and chemicals.

Whether you're labeling for electrical hazards, chemical identification, 5S organization, or OSHA safety signage, Kodiak supplies deliver unmatched durability, clarity, and ease of use.

Supplies include:

  • Premium vinyl and ribbon
  • Pre-printed headers compliant with Arc Flash and OSHA regulations
  • High-adhesive solutions designed for challenging surfaces
  • Labels engineered to endure extreme temperatures, from hot to cold environments

Count on DuraLabel for all your industrial label printer supply needs. Have questions? Contact a representative today!

All DuraLabel printers come with a 5-year warranty against defects and failure.