Extended-Life Vinyl Tape

This is our longest lasting supply that’s perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor labeling. The highly flexible material easily conforms to uneven and textured surfaces on various equipment and concrete. It’s perfect for manufacturing operations to mark equipment, pipes, chemical containers, and uneven outdoor surfaces.
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  • High-quality design: the high-gloss finish and permanent clear acrylic adhesive produce highly legible and durable labels. The thin, low profile design also prevents moisture collection to reduce peeling.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: labels stay intact on a range of surfaces and temperatures indoors and out.
  • Durable: resists damage from UV light, oil, and most chemicals. It’s also cadmium-free to meet RoHS compliance.
Outdoor Life
Up to 7-8 years
Shelf Life
2 years
Max Service Temperature
Adhesive Thickness
1.1 mil
Min Service Temperature
Min Application Temperature
Film Thickness
2.6 mil