Electrostatic Dissipative Tape (ESD) with ECR Ribbon

This supply combination is perfect for labeling in electrical manufacturing and clean room environments. We’ve combined our ESD supply with our most abrasion-resistant ribbon for ultimate durability. The supply prints and attaches smoothly in all atmospheric conditions to help dissipate static buildup. Use it to prevent damage to electronics and safely label electrical components.
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  • UL & CSA compliant: meets the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 969 standard for marking and labeling systems used for permanent product identification. Printing is also certified for Canada under CSA C22.2 No. 0.15.
  • High-quality resin: the resin ink of the extreme chemical resistant ribbon prints with excellent durability and print quality.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: labels stay intact and legible in a range of temperatures and surfaces indoors and out.
  • Durable: supply resists damage from chemicals, solvents, smudges, scratches and more.
2 mil
Outdoor Life
2 years
Shelf Life
2 years
Application Temperature
Max Service Temperature
Min Service Temperature