DuraLabel 9000 Dust Cover

Everyone agrees that the worst thing that can happen to your industrial label printer is permanent damage. This damage can come from a variety of sources, but from our experience, damage due to dust can be the most pervasive. However, there are steps you can take to prevent dust-related damage. Protect your DuraLabel 9000 when not in use with the DuraLabel 9000 Dust Cover from Graphic Products. This convenient dust cover can make all the difference, protecting your DuraLabel 9000 from dust and debris with ease. The dust cover provides protection to all parts of your DuraLabel 9000, so you can rest assured that when you order this cover from Graphic Products, you're getting the protection your printer needs.
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Protect your DuraLabel 9000 from debris with a dust cover.

  • DuraLable: shields entire machine for optimal service life.
  • Convenient: saves time by reducing amount of maintenance and cleaning.