Here are some of the most common questions people have asked about our recruitment process. If you don't see an answer to your question here, contact the human resources team.

Q: Who should I address my cover letter to?

Something like "To Whom It May Concern" works perfectly because your cover letter is not destined for just one person or even department.

Q: I want to apply, what next?

If you meet the qualifications, apply to any position(s) you are interested in by sending us your resume, and portfolio where applicable. If you prefer, we welcome candidates to drop off a resume in person. We will contact you 1–2 weeks after receiving your application if we would like to further consider you.

Q: How can I get the job?

We look for attributes such as strong character, stability and drive amongst others. If those traits describe you, pertaining to your field of expertise, then you're well prepared for an opportunity to succeed at DuraLabel. Our process of hiring is one of careful consideration of various factors and an emphasis on the human element rather than a specific formula.

Q: How does the recruiting process work?

Our Human Resources department handles the front lines of recruiting. They manage job listings, read incoming resumes and applications, work with department managers and Partners on determining fit, and coordinate and conclude the interview and offer process.


The first interview is with a member of the HR team. A second interview may include subject experts and managers.


Candidates can expect 2–3 interviews prior to a decision being made. The entire process usually lasts 1–3 weeks, depending on the applicant and the position. The final hiring decision is made by the Managers and Partners of the company. Your initial HR contact will remain your main contact throughout the process.

Q: Will you contact me after I apply?

Given the volume of submissions, we regret that we cannot reply personally to each submission. Your submission will be reviewed by the appropriate individuals. If there is a fit between your talents and our needs, we will contact you within two weeks. If you don't hear a response, please, assume that we do not have a relevant opportunity matched with your experience. Your information will remain on file for future consideration should an opportunity arise fitting your skillset.

Q: How do you typically source candidates?

Many of our candidates come from targeted searches using online job boards and we attend local career fairs and networking events several times per year. Additionally we highly value employee referrals.