Kodiak GHS Kit

Get everything you need to produce small to large GHS chemical labels that meet regulatory requirements. Expand supply options and spend less than you would on individual supplies with this preassembled kit.

For a complete list of kit contents and savings, click here to see our DLKODIAK GHS KIT flyer.

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The kit includes our large-format multicolor Kodiak printer, labeling software, and a variety of durable supplies made for chemical labeling.

  • Compliant supplies: meet UN, EU, and BS5609 standards for chemical labeling. Supplies resist damage from fading, chemicals, saltwater, and UV light.
  • Small to large output: design and print small to large signs onto 4’’ to 9.75’’ tape widths.
  • All-inclusive system: Kodiak is a standalone printing system with a 9’’ touchscreen and wireless keyboard to design and print signs anywhere with a power outlet. Includes 5-year warranty.
  • Single and multi-color supplies: take advantage of a wider variety of supplies for more design possibilities.
  • Preinstalled software: simplify the label design process with time-saving templates or customize labels from scratch all in one program with LabelForge PRO. Includes free updates.

For a complete list of supplies and savings, see our Kodiak GHS Kit flyer.