COVID-19 Kits for Retailers

Ensure your retail location stays open once it reopens. These kits are designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in retail locations.

COVID-19 Response Kits from DuraLabel

As retail storefront begin to reopen after the stay-in-place orders were loosened, it's imperative that retail locations implement the visual communication solutions needed to enforce social distancing and prevent further spread of COVID-19. Without the appropriate measures in place to instruct customers and staff about the appropriate distancing required to limit the spread of coronavirus, businesses risk needing to close down again if an infection occurs. DuraLabel has been working diligently to create the right products and solutions to keep your business open.

Cashier Kits

Our cashier kits come in a 3 tiers to provide retails of various sizes the right tools to enforce social distancing at checkout. All include floor marking products to indicate where customers should stand while waiting in line, floor tape to direct the flow of checkout lines, and sneeze guards to put both staff and customers at ease when physical and social distancing become more challenging to maintain.

Shopping Cart Kits

Customers come and go, but the shopping carts always remain. Many retailers have introduced sanitization and disinfecting process to ensure customers always receive a clean cart, free from virus. This has been highly effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19, but communicating the process to customers is not always easy. With these highly visible and universally recognized red/green coloring, customers will now understand which carts to grab to stay safe.

Aisle Marking Kits

Reducing cross-traffic of customers in your retail location is critical to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many retailers have already implemented one-way aisle traffic to prevent custoemrs from needed to pass other customers in a narrow aisleway. These aisle marking kits come with floor signs and markers to communicate the appropriate flow of customer traffic in your retail location.

Entry/Exit Door Kits

Again, the importance of preventing cross-traffic in your retail location cannot be stressed enough. Even the doors to your storefront present a risk to your customers. Dedicating doors as Entrances and Exits will prevent customers from passing one another while entering and exiting your store. Clearly mark which doors are meant for entering and exiting with signs, labels, floor signs, and A-frame signs.